2018 Michigan & Midwest Summer Oboe Opportunties

Spring Opportunities:

·       “Double Reed Day”
Location: Bowling Green University “
Dates: Sunday, March 31st   8:00 AM-6:00 PM
Notes: n/a
Link: http://www.bgsu.edu/musical-arts/events/competitions/double-reed-day.html

Summer Camps:
·       “Bocal Majority Operation O.B.O.E.”
Location/Dates: Miami University in Ohio: June 25-30th; Harper College in Chicago: July 23rd– 26th  (Register starting Jan. 1, 2017)
Link: http://bocalmajority.com/2017-dates-and-locations/
Notes: This company is fantastic! I know the administrative staff personally and used to study with them in my own high school days. I also have worked for this company as a reed maker and interned at these very camps. This camp focuses on things specific to double reeds (Oboe & Bassoon) which is a very unusual opportunity. We had one Leeper Oboe Studio student go last year and she loved it!

·       “Michigan State University HS/MS Band Camps”
Location: Lansing Michigan
Dates: July 9th – 13th, 2018
Link: http://www.cms.msu.edu/el/children/camps_band.php

·       “Ohio State University Double Reed Camp”
Location: Ohio State University
Dates: June 3-6th 2018
Link: https://music.osu.edu/double-reed-camp
Notes: Robert Sorton is the oboe clinician who was a former member of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra!

·       “Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp”
Dates: Multiple 2 weeks sessions
Location: Camp site: Cadillac, Michigan
Link: http://bluelake.org/summer_school_of_the_arts.php
Notes: applications accepted on first come first serve basis
* this camp is pricey and meant for extremely dedicated students

·       “Interlochen Summer Program”
Middle school: http://camp.interlochen.org/program/music/int/winds-percussion
High School: http://camp.interlochen.org/program/music/hs/orchestra-wind-symphony
* this camp is pricey and meant for extremely dedicated students

Youth Orchestras:
·       LYSOM – Livonia Youth Symphony Orchestra:
Auditions in June 2nd 2018
·       Dearborn Youth Symphony Orchestra:
Auditions typically in May (email for information)

·       Detroit Symphony Youth Orchestra:
Auditions: TBD (email for information)

·       Michigan Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (Plymouth/Canton area)
Auditions by appointment